Staying at Home Ideas!

Posted by on March 31, 2020

We hope you and your family are healthy, safe and trying to have some special family time during these trying times.  This time gives us an opportunity to:

  • Have Virtual Chats with friends and family through!  A lot of us are doing virtual happy hours with our Mom groups, team meetings, kids living out of state, and parents who live at a distance.
  • Have Safe Distance Neighborhood gatherings – sit at the end of your driveway with coffee or cocktails and socialize from a distance.
  • Join a virtual book club and use chat about it!
  • Play my personal favorite game, “What’s for Dinner?!”.  I call my best friend in a game host voice periodically when I can’t figure out what to make for dinner, and give her 3 ingredients, one protein, one pantry item, and one fresh item.  She has to help me come up with what to make with those ingredients.  I allow her to ask if I have up to 3 additional ingredients (we call them Life lines) and she always come up with something!  It’s also fun to play with the kids and have them research a recipe online with the ingredients you give them and then have them help with dinner!
  • Take more naps!
  • Get some things done around the house you have been wanting to do.  Have your kids go through their closet and donate clothes and toys to more unfortunate kids.
  • Be thoughtful and Generous with your time and offer to help others in need.  We are encouraging everyone to help ICA with donations for people in need of food.  They can purchase more than we can and they know what to buy to make the most out of every dollar.  Here’s a link:
  • Put me to work!  Let me know if you want a complimentary Market Analysis on your home, or receive a monthly neighborhood update keeping you informed about the real estate in your neighborhood!
  • Please if you need help in any way, please let us know.