Understanding the Distinction: Client vs Customer Real Estate

Jun 19, 2024
If you're new to the real estate industry, you might be unfamiliar with the difference between a...
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Maximizing Returns: Core vs Core Plus Real Estate - Which Is Right for You?

May 29, 2024
Private real estate is one of the many portfolio choices that individual investors are looking into...
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Understanding the Differences Between Commercial Real Estate vs Residential Agent

Apr 12, 2024
The real estate business is split into two separate areas: residential and commercial. Both have...
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Addendum vs Amendment Real Estate: What are the Key Differences?

Apr 09, 2024
A real estate contract may necessitate a revision or two following its execution. A new contract is...
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What Is GCI in Real Estate and Why Does It Matter to Realtors?

Feb 16, 2024
When you are building and growing your real estate business, you should keep an eye on different...
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A Definitive Guide on How to Use Business Credit to Buy Real Estate

Jan 31, 2024
Buying a real estate property is a pretty expensive venture, and not a lot of people can do it...
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When Will Real Estate Prices Drop? Expert Housing Market Prediction

Jan 30, 2024
The real estate market is a complex place to be. Many factors cause this market to fluctuate on a...
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What Is CAM in Real Estate? What You Need to Know

Jan 29, 2024
Knowing CAM fees is important for tenants looking for lease costs and also for landlords trying to...
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What is Underwriting in Real Estate? Facts You Should Know!

Jan 15, 2024
You need to be careful and precise when dealing with real estate transactions because the business...
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What is Steering in Real Estate? Facts You Must Know Before Buying Real Estate Property

Jan 12, 2024
Have you ever heard of the term "steering" in real estate? It's an important concept to understand...
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7080 Rolling Acres Road $949,900

7080 Rolling Acres Road Victoria, Minnesota

Listing courtesy of Excelsior Realty